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Word from the Maintainer:

A word from the Maintainer:

Thanks for joining my new community! We are just getting started, so please be patient and the site will be going smoothly soon.

I will change these rules as I see fit and as the community begins to grow.


.:.Join the community. It is a members only community, so you will need to join to see and create posts.
.:.Please do not promote within the community without first getting permission from the maintainer.
.:.If you have spare time and wish to take layout requests from other members, you may make a post stating so. Otherwise, no requests!.
.:.CREDIT is required! If a layout maker has not already put a credit link in their layout, please credit them in your userinfo, unless otherwise stated.
.:.If you use a layout, you must comment to that post.
.:.NO HOTLINKING! Please upload images to your own server unless otherwise stated in the post. It's not cool to steal bandwidth. If you choose to hotlink, you may end up with a little red 'x' on your layout...or even an image you may not wish to have on your layout. You get the point.
.:.Friends Only Banners may be posted in this community, but please do not take advantage of this by posting 20 or so FOB's and never posting layouts. If I see that FOB's are taking over this community, I will ban them.
.:.If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact me at Please do not contact me through my personal journal.
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