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This community is for lj layout related stuff. Post your layouts and friends only banners here! I currently have a post for layout help, but please read the rules reguarding this.
It is new, so help us get started by joining and posting your layouts! i would love it if you helped me promote to get started!

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Hi! Lindsay here. I recently figured out how to make lj layouts and quickly became addicted to attempting to make them. I'm still new at hmtl, so my layouts aren't too complicated. I'm learning as I go. I wanted a place to post my layouts for others to use and give me feedback on, & for others to be able to post their layouts also, so I created always_lj.
I am always open for new ideas and suggestions, so feel free to share them!


I'll get more made and post them soon.
Promote away!
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for layouts, banners, & more!